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Break the boundary and reshape the hotel! New brand R hotel promotion

Date: 2020-11-17

The consumption upgrade has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the hotel industry in China, resulting in the emergence of new brands in various segments. Under this opportunity, the new demand, the new change also has brought the new challenge for each hotel brand.

To face up to the challenges and create new opportunities for brand development, Mei-Hao Hotel Group, which has made excellent achievements in the field of middle and high-end hotels, strikes out again, focusing on the consumption psychology and demand of the audience and focusing on life, social contact and perspective. Quick preparation, less investment, low cost and quick return on capital as the entry point, launched its new hotel brand - R Hotel.

Based on the consideration of invigorating the market stock and creating value for the stock, Mei Hao Hotel Group launched brand franchise and entrusted management output by subdividing the quality and scale of the existing hotel industry stock, and made a fine division of the stock hotels at different levels, including R hotels positioned at selected chain brands. R Hotel, its first boutique chain brand, bases itself on the core area of the city and goes deep into the third-tier and fourth-tier cities to create a unique experience of living in Britain for the new urban youth. Once this one brand-new brand appears, get investor favour deeply. Won several contract projects in a row.

You are cordially invited to attend the new product promotion meeting of R Hotel